Tuesday, April 6, 2010

being impulsive

i came out of my class, withthe evening ahead of me all planned in my head..a minute or two of facebook (and i knew it would be a minute and twenty, but that would require another blog to describe), reading journals, dinner, buying grocery, then straight to bed...with this agenda in mind, i turned the computer on. as i expected him to, kunal with his crooked teeth forming the straightest smile ever jumped infront of me, 'sumanaaa....i was looking for you only re'...and with that ever so sweet greeting we started rambling about the days unfruitful activities, with a consolation in mind that he would now go to class, so the day would not be a total waste after all.. and come on, today was a very special day, he finally would be turning in his assignment, just a mere two weeks late.

anyways, after a few animated minutes, we came to the conclusion, that his conscience wouldnt really affect him that much if he bunked the lecture,and with a very tired face (so as to fool his classmates), and a very untired heart, we set out to go to jersey city...no reason or rhyme, simply, i guess somewhere down the line we are so affected by seeing all the college kids in hindi movies just chilling out and being cool, we wanted to 'belong' to the clan... and for that we also needed a camera, how else would we let all the students in the class know that we were out being cool...so my camera and kunal's batteries to the rescue..and mindless clicking starts..from the shuttle stop to the jounal square station, anything that was remotely out of the ordinary, or had sunlight falling on it from any wiered angle had no mercy from us...so what if the pics turned out to be either extremely normal, or so distorted that you could not make out where the sun was, it was ours, and we are proud of it :) so proud that i put my laziness in the backseat for once, and this was so that the whole wide world could tell us how nice we looked, and how nice the sun looked and how if not for us, they would never know jersey city was so eventful. none of that happened whatsoever, and we ended up admiring them ourselves, but now i am blogging about it, so you know the obsession is not yer over :)

we, no sorry, i had to buy stuff that i didnt buy, and kunal bought stuff that he didnt have to buy, it was just another trip to the 'patel cash and carry'. i think somewhere deep down, i go there just to get a feel of my country, however criticised and underdeveloped, my people, perhaps corupt and loud, my language, bits and pieces of it all around the shop, my brittania marie, tasteless but healthy, it is mine, it is as much a part of me as i am of it. i go there not to buy, but to belong.

now came the most important part...the food. the food that has haunted me for three nights after i had it for the first time, the food i can take home to my mother, the food that can make me forget my ever increasing waistline, the food that can kame kunal...well...bunk his class... the food was finally here. should i mention them here...no...for 2 reasons, one, i pity the people who did not taste it, and two, i will have to go to jersey city very soon if i think too much about it. just to say, it was heavenly. we actually sat there looking romantically at our empty dishes, wishing more food would magically appear in them, ignoring the dramatic warning noises in our stomachs...but we couldnt ignore the looks of others unto whom the food was yet to be bestowed upon, and we left...not befor getting a few more pics though...lame we may appear, but we care we do not!!!

then the journey back. it was a time for remembering good old bombay...i forgot that trains did not leave from the same platform they came on, and kunal forgot that there would actually be no rush on a weekday...amidst alarming stares from more civil passengers, or should we say, passengers who were jealous that they did not have such charming and fun friends themselves ( hi five kale )... we were back to harrison. and as kunal suggested coming all the way back to my dorm, i realised the fun would continue...

not just on the shuttle trip, but for the next eight months. and after that. sometimes all you need to brighten up your day is another mad hatter like you, all you need is an impromptu decision, all you need is the guts to say to hell with class, i want to have fun, all you need is a camera with no reels, all you need is a pair of shoes to run beside someone with longer legs than yours, all you need is mindless laughter,all you need is food that reminds you of home, all you need is the assurance that you will be taken care of however late it may be, all you need is a friend. all you need is a friend.


kunal said...

sumana.. i wish that our life was sweet and fun loving every single day.

sumana said...

tussi ruko to....assi bond hai :)