Monday, December 13, 2010

A Farewell

when its dark outside and the noise is driving u crazy,
when every breath seems to confirm your final fear;
when at the end of the road, thers no glint of hope,
when every thought is discarded by lifes indecision,

all you need is me,
i know all you need is me..

look back to see my eyes on you,
look back to see the smiles,
think back to feel the touch, the smell,
the love in all its disguise..

you'll know all you need is me,
i hope all you need is me...

when silent stares are all you get,
when the hidden tears remain unseen,
when the confession hurts more than the honest mistake,
when the world's out to prove that you are wrong...

a hand will reach out for you strength,
a heart will still believe in you,
and when you get to see that faith,
without the lurking fear you'll know;

you'll know all you need is me,
y do i feel all you need is me?

you can reach out, and i may not come,
you can search, but i may hide,
in some other world, some other time,
you know im there beside...

but for now, my love, let this be it,
let the mystery be unsolved...
for the sake of the true lies that we lived,
let our stories be untold...


Ankita Ghosh said...

Sometimes the words of a stranger seems to be bereft of empathy... But, havent we all lost and havent we all learned... koto antoheen hote paare ei betha ta... I am sorry for your loss and I hope you have the strength to accept it...

Sharing helps at times like this and I honestly hope you find a friend with whom you are comfortable to share it with and find some comfort in the end..

For my dear, such is life..

A friend

Kuntala said...

Sumana, kemon achho? tomar kobita ta bhalo legechhe khub seta boltei partam, kintu bujhte parchhina thik.....

sabdhane theko. nijer kheyal rekho.

sumana said...

Kuntala di, ami thik achi. emni mon ta kharap chilo,particular kono byapar na :)

sumana said...

Ankita, thanks so much for your concern, was really touching...but its nothing personal thankfully...just random thoughts with very scarce relation with reality :)

Hope u r well!!