Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A good day

Almost a week back, the room mate and I had a rare, good day. This is why...

1. We both bunked our respective jobs. There is something about breaking rules. The temporary superiority, that you are above an established system, is a different high altogether. Yes, thats how sad my life is :/

2. We executed a plan. That was made several afternoons ago. Now, we make a lot of plans. Full fledged, google mapped, solid plans. But then laziness prevails and all we do is eat cereals and watch youtube. So, walking exactly 23 minutes, in the hot sun, just to eat something that was bland as hell, serves as a bigtime ego boost. If I want it, I can do it. Huh.

3. We ate out. Yayyy !!!! This does not even need to be justified. Yes, it was salad. It was bland, and grass like, and not very filling, and the waitress messed up the bill, and a little kid dropped juice all over the place...but stop complaining, will you?

4. We discovered a cool new hanging out place. By accident that too. We were so demotivated with the food, we did'nt even want to walk back. So we just hung around. And there, in the midst of nowhere, was a little wood like plank, that went right into the river. You could sit on it, and hang your legs, and read a book or sing forgotten songs by the shade of the tree, with the river flowing right beneath you, bringing little stuff with herself, stuff that belonged to someone, somewhere, before it passed them by...

5. We talked. And laughed. For no reason. Whats good about that you may ask? Well, its a big deal when you can discuss the same old work, research, family, money and men or the lack of both :P, over and over again and not be bored! We surprised ourselves by deeply philosophising * one moment, and gossiping true blue girl style the next.

6. We went to the farmer's market. Which is soooo much better than labelled departmental stores. Remember the line "Is this a class or a fish market? " Well... my class would be proud to be called a American fish market, so silent and spotless it is. Blah. Now, this was how it should be. Yes, its dirty, and a bit smelly, and wet with mud, and the vegetables and fruits almost spilled over from the racks, and nothing was where it should be, but come on, that is what i always knew a market to be !!! I loved it and cat wait to be back.

7. We had a pineapple. I cannot cut a pineapple. I assumed no one else but my mother can. And hence, denied myself the pleasure. But praise to Allah, Jesus, Bhogoban, Andromeda galaxy,whoever... my roomie can !!!!! Now all I am gonna have all summer are succulent cubes of yellow deliciousness with salt and sugar and red mirchi all over it ! Tangy bliss. Bring it on :D

The fact that the sun shone harsher when we perspired 23 minutes back, and that the heavy farmer's stuff almost dislodged our limbs, and that as we fell on our beds, promising never to go back to the dirty, dingy place again....is another story altogether. And an unnecessary one.

Because go again we will. Very soon at that.

*- I made it up. My blog, my rules. Big deal.


Kuntala said...

bah sundor din Sumana. Farmer's market ki bhalo lage na? ami to weekend holei okhane giye bose thaki.

sumana said...

hyan, besh bajar bajar mone hoy. aar jano, okhaner lonka gulo asholei jhaal. :)