Friday, August 26, 2011

Cloudy with a chance of Irene!

Hence Proved. There is a God! And He does at times tend to the secret wish-list deep in my heart. And with His signature, sarcastic style, decides which ones to turn into reality, which ones will screw my life upside down, entertaining him even further! I tell you, it tickles him senseless to see us in serious deep shit.

Now there are like, say 3-4 things that are always on my mind. Oh I wish I could go home, I wish a Phd would just drop in my lap, I wish I would be kilos lighter overnight, I wish...oh well, whatever! And trust me, I keep reiterating these every bloody day, with undiminished passion, making sure not a single useful thought crosses my lazy brain. But....mistakes happen :(

The other day, I was super pissed with a bit of confusion thrown in. People who know me well, will know how angelic, easy going and calm I actually am :) , so lets just say i was a little more hyper than usual. And in that merry state, I told Selina, "I wish something happens, something big and shitty, like it happens in the movies, and all facebook and gmail and telephone and everything goes off and life just comes to a standstill! All bloody problems happen because of the internet!"

Who knew He was listening? I could have might as well asked for that Phd! Yeah right :P


Kuntala said...

bhogoban o hote pare, will power o hote pare, random event o hote pare.

jai hok na keno, tomar ichche je puroN hoyechhe tatei ami khushi Sumana.

sumana said...

ishh random event hole khub disappointed hobo.