Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love, Actually!

News today, has become a misnomer really. And what with facebook giving us the daily quota on what the world is up to, i guess "not now honey, i am watching the news", has long lost its credibility. However, you do get snippets of interesting news, now and then, that make going back to apna desi news channels quite worth it.

This was what I came across in IBN. Needless to say, FB had it too.

What really struck me was it was a guy playing the care giver! As a society of teenage/single girls will tell you, a guy is this and that and that and this! Not this guy, apparently! Holding it through, when he has every chance to back out. Fifteen months? What are fifteen months really? Are they really worth a lifetime of love the other person will not even reciprocate? Or express, for that matter! How long can you go without seeing the light in your eyes not reflected in the other?

Well, may be if you love, you can...but, I repeat, maybe...

What is this Love? Actually? Is it just one heightened feeling, or a culmination of too many varied, contradicting feelings? Is it the crazy, insatiable, drunk passion or the soothing melody of calm? Does it strike you once and leave you begging for more the rest of your life, or does it weave its magic, differently, numerous times? Is it the blinding of reason or the strength of acceptance? Is it the only reality, or the only folly?

I don't really want to know. Some mysteries are better left unsolved!


Kuntala said...

Sumana, amio dekhechhilam eta. amar jeta sobtheke du:kho holo, je bechara meyeta janteo parlona take ekjon koto bhalobase. ki waste bolo dekhi.

sumana said...

tai na bolo? aar ekdik e amra tuchcho tuchcho, loke sunle hasbe byapare bhalobasa khNuje nijeke thokachchi!