Sunday, May 23, 2010

the wish

the day was horrible, the wind was threatening, the sky was pouring, my advisor was shrieking, the room mate was complaining, the food was inedible, the water was too cold, the job was tiring, the walk back was uneventful, the love was unresponsive, the day was horrible.

i closed my eyes, tired and restless,i just wished it was all a dream, that i would wake up to my home, where throwing tantrums was alright, where dressing like a guy would not count against you, where eating in bed and getting dirty was considered alright, where crying on the top of your voice was suitably ignored, where food was ready, available, free, tasty, where birds and butterflies were as normal as the wind, where to be a girl you did not have to pretend to be a flirtatious damsel in distress with perfect postures nevertheless...after wishing for this life with challenges that one thought were faceable and over comeable, a life of pleasures and luxury, a life with the solutions, a life which was the dstination in my journey, now i wish the wish wasnt granted...i wish the journey would continue, because the journey was so long it had become home... it had become a sphere, a separate world, my world. i wish now i was home.

preoccupied with webs of desires, sleep came. and went.

and i woke find myself at home.
once again.
this time forever.


abantor said...
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Kuntala said...

Nostalgia.....the worst disease of all.......sundor lekha Sumana.