Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Friend

"Arre yaar, we are good friends"....

It was the moment I spoke these words aloud, I realised how redundant they were. Because after all, what did I mean by a "good" friend? Is there any such thing as bad friendship?

But these are weird times. busy times. fast times. a very very selfish time. today the word friend can mean anyone, from the bartender you see every saturday night, your boss's niece who you danced with, the girl who shares your lab,to the guy next door with a very cute dog...the list is endless. In an inflation infested, expensive world, friends seem to come very cheap. In fact there is a fixed protocol these days. Have a light, seemingly interesting conversation, realise to your joy that you have a few random things in common, promise to meet again, and promptly add them in facebook. or orkut. or twitter. "You have 1 new friend request". A great feeling ain't it?

Very soon, these friends end up being just a dot. Available, or Busy, but mostly Away. and it does'nt really take very long to get to that. The silliest miscommunication, an unfulfilled expectation, a few missed calls...its simple actually. And strangely, it doesnt hurt much either. The bond that broke, was never that strong in the first place.

The world my dears, have turned into stage of scripted relationships.

The Bond. Probably the only one that can be called a relationship without needing a validation ceremony. And precisely why, we never give it the deserved justice. A friend can be taken lightly, he can be tossed around, given second priority to, poked fun at, ditched at the last minute, bitterly fought with. Not because he is unimportant, but because you have enough faith to do so. It is the bestest of friends with whom you have the worst of fights. Uninhibitedly. Because it is only with them that you are free. Yourself. And proudly so....

In the midst of such drama, you find hands that still hold strong, ignoring the doldrums, minds that unfold the harshest of truths, yet caressing your heart with it. And you finally lean back, without the fear of the fall.

Here's to my friends. Because you let me be. Because with you, I can see the unstated affection, the unclaimed trust, the unsolicitated love.

Because you finally free friendship of all adjectives.


Kuntala said...

Sumana, I loved this post. I really don't understand why do I need so many 'friends'?

sumana said...

Thank You Kuntala di. tai na bolo? ekta dutoi enough.

Kuntala said...

porikkha cholchhe naki Sumana?

sumana said...

hyan go...aajke shesh holo. ajke time niye sob korbo. tomar blog ta porla, comment korar o time paini :(

tumi bhalo acho?