Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The best man

They say there comes a time in a girl's life when she finds a man who can treat her like a princess,do all what is in his command and go beyond if needed to fulfill all her unstated wish,laugh when she wishes him too,make her laugh when he thinks he should,accompany her in her flights of fantasies,understand her silence and press her beyond all realm to break it....in short show her heaven on earth.
And how proud i feel to finally have found my man...he showed me what i truly am,what i am meant to be,what i would love to be in the future.he has sown all my dreams for me and is unfalteringly toiling to make them come true.he is like the one rescuing me from the tallest tower of a castle called depression,and the one carrying me over the fire called life.he is like the angel who soaks all your tears and gives you his sunshine instead...making you think whoever said life was not a bed of roses had got it very wrong somewhere.
How lovely it feels when you can keep your eyes shut cos you know theres absolutely no chance of going wrong anywhere.when all you have to do is as simple as trusting someone blindly.which of course isnt a simple thing anymore.so it makes it doubly special when you have the luxury of doing so.when you know you are the be all and end all of someones life, when someone lives every breath thinking of what is good for you,when all that you give and take is love, when every word seems like an extension of your feelings,when your existence is justified by the others happiness.....maybe that is what a realtionship is all about.
when you dont have to think twice when you are asked the name of the most loved person in you life,when you dont have to say you want to be together, when from nowhere you recieve such enourmous courage it surprises you,when all that takes to be happy is a smile....when you dont have to think before you speak,when you dont have to speak at all.
And how much the joy must get increased,when i know i will never lose the faith.because he is bound to me for eternity,ready for me at a glance,ready with all his life,his soul, his blood.when the man i mention is related to me since the all the years of my life,the man i mention is the one who gave me life,the man i mention is the one who waits for me to breathe before he does.. when the man i mention is my "Dad".

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Bharat said...

i loved this. it was like a Jeffrey Archer story...
may your best man keep you as happy forever.