Tuesday, November 20, 2007

why so?

Well....when it all started,i wasnt there to hearld it...maybe i havent missed much. Considering the whole bag of commotion,uncertainy,blasts,enlightenings we live with...perhaps the big bang was not what you would call a once in a blue moon wonder! Maybe He wished it to be otherwise, but when have men followed the plan of God since he bit the apple? huh! But thats kinda besides the point. what i meant is i missed the beggining, I am sure the whole lot of geeks in a very famous space research center along with tarot reading "know it alls" might say something about the end being near...but personally...naah! i mean c'mon..its been to long..God probably has started enjoying the game...u know....think of youself having control over anything that can react to your actions and can think on its on....would you ever give up that control... of the fun of seeing how you affect their existence? i know its negative. so i am sure i wont live to see the end too..(what a relief).! So what is this if not a continuation? what are you if not only a part, a part who doesnt know its lines until the moment you say it? a part who doesnt know whats gonna happen in the drama cause theres absolutely no script.there is no "lights camera action"!
From the first cry to the last smile..you are but acting out what has been stored for you....some have minor but interesting roles to play,,the others sated with long boring ones. Be what it may....if you freeze the time space frame...all you get is a continuation of events,words,smiles, frozen tears,incomplete hugs,unbound relations.....you just have to wait for the next moment to know where its all headed.
hence the name....i hope you like whatever will come ahead of this..everytime i decide to take a break from my part playing,everytime i freeze my frame.

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Bharat said...

a well written first post.
would love to read more.